Baccarat Table Layouts and Variations

The Baccarat is one of the oldest and easiest to play card games, which has radically gained its popularity in the casino world over generations for its simple rules and low house edge. As a result, tables of various sizes and styles are made to accommodate varying requirements. Tables with wide a range of designs are sophistically handcrafted to fit into assorted casinos’ themes and color pallets from all over the world. Not only that, because there are many variations to this game, the Baccarat table layouts tend to vary as well. However, they are all quite basic, so, even a first-timer to the casino world will be able to quickly learn and understand them. In fact, the way the game is played is reflected in the table layout itself.

There are three basic types of Baccarat tables, namely, a Full-size Baccarat, a Mini-Baccarat and, a Midi Baccarat. The full and the mini-baccarat table layout, as a matter of fact, are virtually the same. The only differences are the table’s size and the player’s bankroll amount.

Full-sized Baccarat – The American Baccarat Table Layout 

Full-sized Baccarat - The American Baccarat Table Layout
Full-sized Baccarat – The American Baccarat Table Layout

The full-size Baccarat table comes in the form of an oval shape and is divided into three parts; two similar parts where players sit and a central area for the dealers and the caller.

Its layout features a design of 14 sections with yellow numbers, listing from 1 to 15, with the number 13 omitted. Owing to the fact that Americans superstitious believe, this number brings bad luck to people. Sometimes, the number 4 is also omitted, and this is mostly observed in Oriental culture for the very same reason. 

Three mega888 dealers are assigned to this full-size Baccarat table. Dealer 1 being the “caller” or “croupier”, who will be standing opposite two other dealers in the middle of the table. He or she will be in charge of directing the game, such as calling for cards and announcing the winning hand. Dealer 2 and dealer 3 are allocated to each side of the table. Their tasks are handling the game such as trading chips when players join the table, pays out winning bets, and collecting losing bets and commissions from players. These 3 dealers usually take turns and rotate roles around the Baccarat table.

In this full-size table, up to 14 players can be accommodated at the table, with 7 players on each side. The game does not kick off until players placed their bets and the caller announcing that bets are no longer accepted.

Traditionally, players had the chance to deal the cards on a full-size Baccarat table, however, nowadays the Caller will be in charge of dealing the cards and giving them out to the players using a paddle. The person with the largest wager on the Bank Hand gets to turn over the Bank cards, while the person with the largest wager on the Player Hand turns over the Player cards. After which both players will toss their cards to the Caller, who then announces the total and the winning hand. 

You can easily find these interesting big Baccarat tables in land-based casinos. But because these tables are mostly chartered for betters with high rollers, the full-size Baccarat tables are usually located in very secluded or VIP areas of the casino.

Mini Baccarat Table Layout 

As the name suggests, the mini Baccarat table layout is a smaller version of a full-size American baccarat table layout. This table layout is sectioned out into eight areas, seven areas for the players, and one for the dealer, with the dealer seated in the center of the table.

Compared to the big Baccarat table at xe88, this mini Baccarat table has more simplified rules and lower table limits. And although this version of Baccarat makes it unsuitable for high rollers, it has gained popularity from mass players.

While the basic and standard rules of the game remained the same, in Mini-Baccarat tables, the dealer turns over all the cards, be it the Banker’s hand or the Player’s hand, instead of the betters.

Many adore this game as it does not require a high stake, and the game is much faster than the big Baccarat version since players are not allowed to handle the cards.

Midi Baccarat Table Layout 

In Mini-Baccarat, we know that the dealer handles and reveals all the cards.

The Midi Baccarat is a version of the Big and Mini-Baccarat table layout combined. Midi Baccarat table can accommodate up to 9 players and are staffed by one dealer, the same as of Mini Baccarat. But since players like to handle cards, Midi Baccarat is thus, designed to allow players to do so. The player with the largest bet on either hand will handle and reveal the cards in this variation.

Other Baccarat Table Layout Variations

Different variations of Baccarat Table Layout - Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque, EZ Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat
Different variations of Baccarat Table Layout – Chemin de Fer, Baccarat Banque, EZ Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat

The full-size Baccarat and the Mini-Baccarat are the most commonly found layouts, but over the years, variations of Baccarat are created. There is the French variation, known as Chemin de Fer, the Baccarat Banque variation, the EZ baccarat with additional bets of Dragon 7 and Panda 8, the  Super 6 variation, No Commission Baccarat, and many more. 

And with the advanced technology and rapid growth of the online casino sector, players can also access and engage in this game at the comfort of their own homes. This online version is very similar to the Mini Baccarat. The only difference is, you will be the only player at the table, and the dealer is virtual. Some of the Live Baccarat even offers you the possibility to interact with the dealer and the other players