Super 6 Baccarat

The Super 6 Baccarat is a popular variant of the original Baccarat. But the way the game is played and the conventionalrules remain the same. So what differs Super 6 from the actual Baccarat? And what makes it a favored choice among casino players?

Super 6 side bet

There are 4 bets that a player can make when playing Baccarat Super 6. These include the 3 main game bets (The Banker, The Player, and The Tie) and the Super 6 side bet.

Super 6 Baccarat
Super 6 Baccarat Table Layout

Payout Structure

Aside from an additional side bet to play, the way the bets are paid, is its other distinctive attribute. One of the main reason gamblers love Super 6 Baccarat is that it offers amazing payouts, making it more profitable as compared to the standard Baccarat

Before we go any further, you should know that Super 6 is played like the original Baccarat with the exception of how the winning Banker’s hands are paid. Note that in this variant of Baccarat, the payouts for winning Player’s hands are the same as the original Baccarat. Meaning the different payouts only applies to winning Banker’s hands.

In traditional Baccarat, winning hands are paid at 1:1, but the casino charges a 5% commission on all winning Banker bets. In Super 6, all winning bets are paid 1:1 with no commission charged, and in cases when the Banker’s hand wins with a total of 6, the betters will be paid 0.5:1 instead. Again, this only applies to the Banker’s hand and not the Player’s hand.

Players can otherwise bet on Super 6, which is a side bet that one can play on the possibility that the Banker will get a total of 6. If betters win in this bet, they will get paid 12:1, in other words, 12x their bet amount. The “Super 6” of Super 6 Baccarat is, therefore, defined as a side bet placed on the Banker’s hand to win with a total count of 6, with the player’s hand being a loss. However, this Super 6 bet is an optional side bet and betters can choose not to place any wager on this bet.
To put it simply,

  • If players win on either the Player’s hand or Banker’s hand, they will receive even money, 2x the amount of their bets.
  • If players win on the Tie bets, the payout is 8x of the players’ bet amount.
  • If players bet and win on the Super 6 bet (Banker’s hand with a total of 6) the payout will be 12x the amount of their bet.
  • If players place the bet on the Banker’s hand but the banker wins with a total of 6 instead of 9, they will receive 0.5:1 (half of their betting amount)

In short, Super Six is a luck-based game and there is no strategy that can guarantee a win, which also means there are no special skills required to play.  You can give it a go whether or not you’re a high-roller or a complete newbie. Even so, the decision you make can increase the probability of the win. This is when the odds of winning and the house edges come into play. 

Although Super 6’s winnings may seem lucrative, Baccarat experts have warned that it is actually highly disadvantageous to the players due to its large house edge. Learning and understanding these winning odds and house edges are important as they will help you make the right decisions when playing, which indirectly increases your chances of winning.

There are also many otherBaccarat variants aside from the Super 6 Baccarat. But unlike the Chemin de Fer variant and Baccarat Banque which can only be found in landed-casino, you can easily access this Super 6 Baccarat online. Some online casino sites even offerLive Super 6where a real and professionally trained dealer will be in charge of dealing the cards. In this way, the cards themselves will determine the outcome and winning hand instead of the computer program. Live betting also offers a more exciting and thrilling experience in the comforts of your own home.

The rapid evolvement and advancement in technology, has made it possible for players to even access this game through mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Simply download available casino apps (eg xe88, mega888 etcetera) to your Android or iOS, and you can start playing casino games like Super 6 on your mobile interface in either portrait or landscape orientations.